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Weird but funny viral trend has people throwing cheese slices on others – Hindustan Times

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Every few weeks, people on the Internet unite to participate in some or other new trend that takes over social media. Recently we’ve had the Kiki Challenge and the Bird Box Challenge go crazy viral and if you spend enough time online, you probably know exactly how these roll. There was also the Invisible Challenge in which people pranked their siblings into believing they had become invisible. Well, now another similar trend is taking over social media. This one involves throwing a cheese slice on an unsuspecting person – and if you think that sounds weird, you’re right because of course that sounds weird.

A video posted online shows Twitter user @unclehxlmes throwing a cheese slice on his baby brother’s face. The six-seconds-long video, posted yesterday, has collected over 5.2 million views and still very much counting.

The clip has not only collected all those views but also received over 4.7 lakh ‘likes’, more than 1.6 lakh retweets and a ton of reactions.

“I shouldn’t laugh as much as I just did, he even knew something bad was about to happen,” says one Twitter user. “This is funny but it’s not,” says another.

The clip has also prompted several people to try the same thing with their kids, siblings, cousins, and friends. Even pet cats and dogs haven’t been spared. Some were successful, some failed, some got laughs, some vacant stares but all these reactions are too good to ignore.

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Mar 01, 2019 13:59 IST

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