Home News Gojek driver involved in viral phone-throwing fight in Canberra Road – The Straits Times

Gojek driver involved in viral phone-throwing fight in Canberra Road – The Straits Times

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SINGAPORE – A video showing a fight between two men – a private-hire vehicle driver and his customer – that led to a woman throwing a phone has gone viral on social media.

The driver involved in the altercation is a Gojek driver, the ride-hailing service confirmed on Monday (Feb 11).

Footage of the fight, which took place in front of Block 306 Canberra Road on Saturday afternoon, was taken from the dashboard camera of a car that was passing by and uploaded on Facebook site Roads.sg.

The video shows a man in a white shirt with horizontal stripes emerging from a silver Toyota, along with a woman in a yellow top and a younger man wearing a black T-shirt.

A man in red shortly emerges from the driver’s seat of the car.

The driver is seen confronting the man wearing a white shirt, who adopts a fighting stance. Both men fall to the ground after trading blows.

The woman rushes over to the fight, and is seen picking up a mobile phone from the ground before throwing it out of the view of the camera.

Netizens have speculated that the phone was dropped by the younger man in black during the scuffle by the two other men, and several have expressed their sympathy for him in their comments on the video post on Facebook.

The Straits Times understands that no police report has been lodged regarding this incident.

A check on the One.Motoring website confirmed that the silver Toyota is a registered private-hire vehicle.

In response to media queries, a Gojek spokesman said: “The safety and well-being of our riders and driver-partners are our top priority.

“We are currently investigating this matter and it would therefore not be appropriate to comment further at this stage.”

Last month, another Gojek driver was involved in a viral video. Mr Kamaruzzaman Abdul Latiff had shared a seven-minute clip on the Go-Jek Singapore Community Facebook page showing his heated exchange with his customer, Ms Jovina.

The latter had been upset that he could not avoid Electronic Road Pricing gantries during her journey on Jan 29.

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