Home News Democratic congressman shares yearbook photo and it goes viral – Fox News

Democratic congressman shares yearbook photo and it goes viral – Fox News

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Long before one Democratic rep faced snow flurries to bypass coffee shops in Trump Tower, he apparently had a fondness for spiky bleached blonde hair and dark tans.

California Rep. Eric Swalwell, 38, endured some playful mocking Wednesday when his 1999 senior high school yearbook photo went viral. The photo of Swalwell while a student at Dublin High School in the Bay Area prompted NBC political reporter Kasie Hunt to comment on Twitter that “the 90s were a rough decade.”

"All of us make bad decisions in high school," Swalwell replied. "Sometimes those decisions involve bleach. I swear there were others. #BleachBoys."

The picture was discovered after the San Jose Mercury News published a story about California politicians yearbook photos. The story described Swalwell as wearing a "bow-tie, moussed blond hair and almost-Trumpian tan."

Swalwell, a potential 2020 presidential candidate, went viral in February when he tweeted that he would rather brave a snowstorm while on a coffee run in New York City then stop at a cafe inside Trump Tower.


"It’s snowing in #NewYork. I need coffee," Swalwell tweeted. "The closest cafe is inside Trump Tower. This is me walking to an alternative."

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